Solar charge controller

We are one of the fastest growing Solar Charge Controller Exporter and Supplier based in the region. Our Solar Charge Controller made using state of art technology quality material and following international quality standards. Essentially Solar Charge Controllers protect battery from over charging or excessive discharging PV systems. Our Solar Charge Controllers make use of PWM charging technology ensuring reliable and consistent performance into the applications.

Features :

-> Energy efficient controller for rural/urban solar charging system.
-> Low Power Load Controller and PWM solar charger in a single Unit.
-> Complete solution for urban and rural needs.
-> Keeps battery healthy for longer period.
-> Optimum utilization of Solar Power.
-> Optional Dawn/Dusk Operation with Timer.
-> Provision for Temperature Compensation.
-> Low PV to Battery Drop.
-> Easy Installation.

Solar Charge Controller 6-10 Amps Specifications :