Solar Power Plant

Catering to all Solar Power Plant System’s need from Domestic & Industrial purpose. We are  MNRE Channel Partners for  solar power plant installation. We are a highly experienced and skilled EPC installation company who would like to serve you for installation of Solar Rooftop/Ground Mounted Systems. We provide reasonable rates and have a team of experienced professionals with many projects executed with success.

The size and configuration of a system depend on its intended task. Solar modules and arrays can be used to charge batteries, operate motors, and to power any number of electrical loads. With the appropriate power conversion equipment, solar power systems can produce alternating current (AC) compatible with any conventional appliances, and can operate in parallel with, and interconnected to, the utility grid (see grid coupling).

Among the components of a complete solar power system may be a DC-AC power inverter, a battery bank, a system and battery controller, auxiliary energy sources, and sometimes the specified electrical load (appliances). In addition, an assortment of balance of system hardware, including wiring, over current, surge protection and disconnect devices, and other power processing equipment.



Our USP’s:


  1.    Simple & Fast: Purchase to installation takes <4 weeks and the customer has a single point of contact through the entire process.


  1.    Smart Design: Each system is designed factoring six critical components – Customer needs, shadow-free area available, precise solar radiation at your location, budget, other sources of power and solar policies of the state. This is made possible by a technically strong sales, design and engineering team
  1.   Guaranteed Performance: Achieved by using highest quality components that meet international    standards and a wide service network to address any after-sales requests within 24-48 hours
  2.    Financial Assistance: We help the customer apply and secure loans from banks and NBFC’s



Our customers range from home owners, farmers, education institutions, resorts and some of the largest blue chip solar companies. A key measure of our effectiveness is that over 50% of our business comprises client referrals and repeat orders.

Features :
-> Reliable and Durable
-> Trouble free performance
-> Low maintenance
-> High efficiency collectors
-> Wide range of capacities

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