Solar Water Pumps

Solar energy can be harnessed effectively and can become a part of our daily life, through right end- application devices. Safe Solar Systems had identified and perfected solar water pumping systems for different applications. The systems are designed to lift / pump water for irrigation, horticulture farms, gardens, drinking and other similar purposes. These systems are best alternatives in areas where either there is no electricity or reliable supply unavailable.

Our Solar Water Pumping Systems :

-> Available in both type surface and submersible.
-> Applicable for all type of bore, ponds.
-> Maintenance free/Low DC/AC branded pumps fit and forget.
-> Maintenance free/Low DC/AC branded pumps fit and forget.
-> Maintenance free, freedom from electricity bills.
-> Comes with complete mounting structure (powder coated or as per customer
requirement) with tracking system.
-> These systems can supply water at flow rate of 1000L/min or more.
-> These Systems can work for more than 100 meter depth.
-> These Systems can be installed in any remote areas.
-> These Systems are properly designed AC drives to run AC pump with solar modules.
MNRE Approved.
-> Subsidy from MNRE and other state of India and other state agencies is available.

Our Standard Solar Water Pumping Systems Range Table :